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Pediatric Clinical Research Development Center


Clinical Research Development Center of Children’s hospital began its activities in 2009 to institutionalize research in scientific and educational activities and to take effective steps to qualitatively and quantitatively improve research in the university.

Research objectives:

- To conduct fundamental epidemiological and clinical studies for improving the system, providing health care services.
- To empower clinical academic members for research
- To strengthen clinical academic members ‘spirit of research and teamwork
- To improve the quality and quantity of clinical research

- to empowerment and participation of medical personnel in clinical research
- Collecting, arranging and classifying documents and papers related to Pediatric diseases
- Employing and encouraging student researchers of Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences in the research.
- Encouraging other private institutions active in the field of health care in the province in Pediatric research
- To carry out researches in the field of children's diseases in collaboration with other non-affiliated centers
- To prioritize and approve research projects submitted to the Clinical Research Development Center of children hospital


- To prepare and present research papers in congresses and medical journals
- To study assistants’ proposals by the research council and to scientifically promote theses of students and Pediatric physician assistants

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