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Student's life 


Student's life is about more than just participating in classrooms and studying. Vice Chancellery for Cultural & Student Affairs is responsible for the student's life in the university. This vice-chancellery encompasses following offices:

  • Recreational Sport
  • Housing
  • Food Services
  • Counseling
  • Extra-Curricular
  • Welfare


Recreational Sport

Physical Education is a human phenomenon and effective tool for fostering physical and promotion of culture, education and morality, and could be grounds for national identity. Certainly, the foundation of a healthy society and lively mental and physical health depends on society’s healthy members and is indebted to the efficient and thoughtful services of manpower. To play personal, scientific and social roles, students’ health as the main framework of young society will be important. And physical activity along with acquiring knowledge can impact on their learning.



As a student’s second home, dormitory plays an important role in maintaining peace of mind and promoting students' personality and quality education. Due to the importance of student life and the impact of environment on students' personality, the period of residency in dormitories is one of the most important days in a student life. These days can be the foundation of students’ future, therefore, they can gain valuable experiences of living in society and public presence and more importantly, they can understand independent living and how to take responsibility for their life. To reach this goal, Dormitory Administration provides an environment for living, relaxation and mental health of students as well as enjoying other cultural and recreational facilities such as cultural and extra-curricular activities, physical education, counseling, study hall, nutrition and so on.


Food Services

Established in 1986, food services office with convenient locations and experienced manpower is ready to provide efficient services to students.


- Monitoring the food preparation and cooking in cafeteria and student dorms

- Monitoring cooking environment health and hygiene

- Monitoring food hygiene and controlling production and expiration date, and license and so on

- Planning and preparing meal plan based on students survey

- Providing nutrition automation services



Each of us has a way to deal with life issues. Sometimes we alone handle them well or we appeal to our friends or families for help. In some cases, we may consult specialists like physicians, lawyers, social worker, psychologist or counselor. Mental health specialists such as psychologists and counselors help people return to the right track of life.  

Different reasons may cause individuals to be interested in visiting consultants, such as family problems, loneliness, anxiety or depression, school failure, inability to make decisions or difficulty in social relationships; but to use advice you must not be necessarily disturbed, distressed or you must not have even a problem! You can decide to use counselors' guidance in order to have a better life, understand yourselves and others better, and therefore flourish your abilities and talents.

Counseling office tries to:

 1. Enhance the knowledge of self, beliefs, talents and abilities.

2. Prevent problems and mental-social illnesses.

3. Treat and improve psychological problems.

4. Provide assistance to individuals in decision-making in life.

5. Help individuals improve their personal, familial and marital relationships compatibility.

6. Prevent academic failure.



Aimed at promoting Islamic culture and values and the gains achieved by the Islamic Revolution, Cultural and Extra-Curricular Affairs Administration acts as a firm tie in organizing and directing students’ cultural and artistic activities in the form of student formations and associations through doing cultural programs (exhibitions, seminars, workshops, camps, classes, cultural competitions, memorials, etc.).



This office tries to meet some costs and eliminate some welfare problems student Welfare face. Also in case of the office announcement, in each semester students can apply and register for loans.

Major duties:

Student loans to applicants

Student housing loan

Fee loans to applicants

Emergency loans

Student insurance



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