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The Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery at ARUMS, is one of the oldest Nursing and Midwifery Schools in north-west of Iran. The School was founded in 1993 with training of 46 students in bachelor degree of nursing and associate of midwifery. This school with more than 30 faculty members and clinical tutors plays an important and prominent role in healthcare system of Ardabil province in particular and the global health of Iran.

This school admits students in different fields including Nursing (Bachelor and Master of Nursing of Medical- Surgical, Critical Care Nursing and Emergency Nursing), Midwifery (Bachelor), Operating Room Technology (Bachelor) and, Medical Emergencies (Associate). The university has also applied for launching Midwifery and Geriatric Nursing M.Sc. programs.

The faculty is located in a building with a surface area of about 4000m², equipped with 9 classrooms fully equipped with audio-visual facilities, a clinical skills laboratory (67m²), a laboratory (124m²), and 1 room for postgraduate nursing students as well as 11 rooms for the faculty members. The administrative structure of the faculty involves a dean, two deputies of education and research, and heads of the departments. The list of educational departments of the school is fallows.






Medical Emergencies



Operating Room Technology

Emergency Nursing


Critical Care


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