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The hospital has officially started its activity since 1982 and has worked in the form of a general hospital.



Now the hospital continue to work with 96 beds and has following clinical wards including ICU- surgery-urology-internal medicine-pediatrics-women-ophthalmology-dialysis-maternity ward-operating room and Para- clinical wards including pharmacy-laboratory-radiology-physiotherapy- spirometry and exercise testing.   

Purposes in hospital are classified as long-term and short-term goals:

In the long term objective the policy is that hospital attract at least 2 out of every specialty and also can use specialists such as orthopedic, ear, nose, and throat as a full-time. Also increasing equipments like CT scan is in long-term goals.

But in the short term objective replacement needed specialties by residents and also purchase of a digital radiology system and also overall reconstruction of sewerage systems of hospital –   overall reconstruction of facilities system and engine room- overall reconstruction of laboratory and repair of radiology-paving courtyard and separating inpatients wards and ICU launched are the purposes of center.  



Dr.Reza Shakeri


Pediatric Specialists.

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