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People in their life time are exposed to diseas and incidents,such as road accidents , fire and burns, cancers, injuries caused by disputes and wars, fall, earthquake and debris, as well as congenital physical anomalies. In some of these cases , their injured organs , especially the vital ones, need surgical interventions. There have been enormous changes and innovations in this field, so that the educational program is constantly changing and p

 Program Definition and Duration:

General surgery is a branch of medicine that is about surgical management of diseases of different parts of human body . the main emphasis of the field is on traumas, diseases of gastrointestinal tract, abdomen, neck, endocrine system, peripheral arteries, soft tissues and breasts.

Duration of the program:

Four years

Expected Competencies at the End of the program

General Competencies

Specific Competencies and Skills

At the end of the program learners will be competent in the following  skills:

·        Gastrointestinal surgeries, including esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum, anus, liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, and pancreas

·        Extra Cranial Endocrine Surgeries

·        Breast surgeries

·        Reticuloendothelial surgeries, including, spleen and lymphatic system

·        Skin and soft tissues surgeries

·        Peripheral and visceral arterial emergency surgeries

·        Head and neck surgeries ( except for brain and spinal cord, eyes, inner ear, and cosmetic surgeries)

·        Emergency and basic thoracic surgeries

·        Emergency and basic pediatric surgeries

·        Trauma and burn surgeries

·        Outpatient surgeries (minor)

·        Basic laparoscopic surgeries

·        Cancer surgeries based on oncologic principles

·        Benign abdominal and pelvic tumor surgeries

·        Basic endoscopy of gastrointestinal tract as a therapeutic approach

Basic Information:
Program Type: Degree Based
Level Of study: Specialty
School / Faculty: School of Medicine
Major (Name Of Program): General surgery
This program contact information:
Telephone: 00988634173461
Fax: 00988634173461
Email Address:
Address: A'lam-Al-Hoda Street, Shahid Shiroodi Street, Arak, Markazi Province, Iran Zip Code: 3819693345
Contact Person Name: Office of International Affairs
Program Detail:
Length of Training:
Language Requirement:

Applicants from Persian (Farsi) Speaking countries (They shall both speak and write in Persian) who have applied for graduate Degree-based programs may be exempted, based on the decision of the department, from submitting any certificates regarding their English Language Proficiency. Nevertheless, they are required to hand in their English language certificate which meets SUMS’ minimal language proficiency requirements, within one year from commencing their studies at ARAKMU.

Admission Requirement:

 ·      Holding an MD degree
·      Having passed the National Entrance Exam

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