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With the coordination and cooperation of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology of Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences,  this center informally started its activities in 1996 in parts of the building of the Department of Pharmacology at the School of Medicine (i.e., the current location of the Diabetes Research Center). Initially, this center pursued research activities with the minimum facilities required for this very purpose, and the lab animals were obtained from Pasteur Institute in Tehran or Razi Institute in Hesarak of Karaj and transferred to Ahvaz.
With the approval of research projects and receiving financial support, this center could purchase foreign and domestic materials and equipment, standard animal cages, and even a number of aluminum cages designed and built in Ahvaz. This center also availed itself with the software and hardware facilities of different departments of the university as well as other centers and universities of the country with the approval of joint dissertation plans between universities. Between 2006-2007, from the financial grants of the vice chancellors of research and education of the university, this center purchased modern and advanced physiology research equipment for fields such as behavioral neuroscience, electrophysiology, cardiovascular research, isolated tissue, and cells and hormones for the promotion and implementation of postgraduate dissertations.

With the endeavors of the founding board of the center and the assistance and follow-up of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology of the University, in March 2006, the Ministry of Health issued a principled license to establish a physiology research center.

Between 1996-1997, when the university laboratory animal house was replaced by the Office of Services and Transportation, problems were posed for the standard care, use, and maintenance of laboratory animals used by researchers and graduate students of the university. Eventually in 1998, concurrent with the construction of the current School of Rehabilitation, and upon the request and follow-up of a plan to build a new laboratory animal house, the then executive vice president of the Islamic Republic of Iran approved the budget and construction permit for a 1400 square meter building, greenery, and a parking lot. With the cooperation of some faculty members in the physiology department, the current building of the animal house was inaugurated at the beginning of the Research Week (December 2004). After that, with the financial support of the university, ventilation, cooling and heating systems, aluminum shelves in different sizes and for different purposes were set up and built. With the continuous endeavors of the faculty, staff and students, this center managed to obtain the final approval of the research centers of the country in 2010.


Providing the necessary facilities and platforms for conducting basic medical research in physiology and related fields, in order to promote health, expand the frontiers of knowledge and localize modern technologies.

Achieving future success in research in physiology and related disciplines requires the establishment and development of relationships with other national and international research centers and networks. To this aim, this center needs to equip itself with the capacity and ability to convert research priorities into basic research projects and then to provide quality health services for the improvement of the healthcare system at provincial and national levels.

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