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Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in our country and countries around the world. Despite many advances in medical science, the prevalence of this chronic disease has dramatically increased. According to a WHO estimate, the rate of this disease in 2025 will double its prevalence in 2000. Due to the increasing prevalence of diabetes, this disease has been one of the research priorities in the whole country and Khuzestan province. More than 8% of people in Khuzestan province have been diagnosed with diabetes. Therefore, the core of the Diabetes Research Center (Founding Board) started its activities in 2003, and directed its research projects as well as specialty theses and PhD dissertations in this field until 2007, by which time all the necessary documents for the establishment of the center were submitted to the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education. Fortunately, the approval in principle of the Diabetes Research Center was given by the Ministry of Health in September 2008, and the center officially started its research activities. The lines of research in this center include etiology, epidemiology, types of treatment, acute and chronic complications of diabetes and diseases related to diabetes, primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of diabetes and its risk factors, and the role of nutrition in health and in prevention and treatment of diabetes and its risk factors.

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