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Menopause Andropause Research Center of Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences was established in 2015 and started its research activities on the same date. This center aims to enhance the level of research related to menopause/andropause topics and to improve the level of scientific and technical knowledge of researchers. It also makes available the results of the latest research achievements for clients (Evidence based practice) in order to improve the health of men and women based on the application of scientific principles in relation to menopause and andropause. The goal is to provide the opportunity to live postmenopausal period with the desired quality of life, with no pain, suffering, disease, movement disorders, or disability. The mission of this center is to conduct applied and productive research in the field of menopause/andropause for men and women, to provide educational and treatment counseling services for clients, and to turn the center into the hub of menopause/andropause research in the region and the country. In order to achieve this through research and education, the center promotes the principles of prevention of complications and targeted menopausal guidance, information exchange, specialized meetings, holding festivals and specialized seminars at national and international levels.

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