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Infectious and Tropical Diseases Research Center, Health Research Institute

This center managed to obtain an agreement in principle for its establishment on 2003-05-07 and received a final agreement on 2010-04-26.

Vision: According to Iran’s 20-year vision document, Iran is the first country in the region in terms of science and health. Aimed at realizing the research objectives of the country's scientific document as well as the quantitative and qualitative enhancement of research activities, the Infectious and Tropical Diseases Research Center encourages researchers to conduct research based on regional and national needs. Upgrading its scientific level by using the necessary technologies is the main task of this center so that it can lead research in the field of infectious and tropical diseases. This is hoped to solve the problems in the field of health with the aim of improving the health of individuals in the community and achieve sustainable development at a national level.
Mission: Having faith in preserving human dignity and providing stakeholder satisfaction, this center is responsible for the development of applied and productive research on infectious and tropical diseases at the community level. This is done by creating a suitable platform for promoting research capacities and introducing creative and innovative works on infectious and tropical diseases. In this regard, this research center has put on the agenda the following topics:
1. Reviewing research regulations and making the necessary amendments based on university conditions, within the framework of laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the country's development program
2. Expanding the possibilities of participation in more effective research activities inside and outside the country
3. Establishing relationships with researchers and inventors from other universities
4. Holding domestic or international seminars and congresses
5. Promoting the achievements of the center's research activities in the community through the use of mass media.

The center is also responsible for training Ph.D by research students of infectious and tropical diseases in the fields of epidemiology, virology, parasitology, mycology, bacteriology and medical entomology.


Research Centre for Eye Infections

Research Centre for Eye Infections

Given the high prevalence of various eye diseases such as different infections, cataract, glaucoma, strabismus, trauma and eye diseases related to the tropical and the sunny regions, the establishment of a research center dedicated to determine the prevalence of these diseases and their treatment is out of question. Therefore, the Research Centre for Eye Infections started its activity at AJUMS after the initial approval in 2013.

Objectives and areas of activity of the center:
1. Epidemiologic study of eye diseases, especially eye diseases and trauma associated with sunshine and tropical regions
2. Finding new therapeutic strategies to reduce eye disorders
3. Establishing ffective collaboration between basic and clinical medical sciences in the field of eye diseases and infections
4. Increasing public awareness of eye diseases in the region, particularly through the national media (Radio and TV)
5. Trying to attract PhD students
6. Inviting students of basic and clinical medical sciences to conduct research projects and do theses
7. Inviting faculty members from other departments in order to conduct collaborative research projects with the Ophthalmology Department

Address: Research Centre for Eye infections, Imam Khomeini University Hospital, Azadegan Avenue Ahvaz
Phone: +98-061-32216104

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