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The School of Rehabilitation Sciences was established in 1975 as a subset of the current Imam Khomeini Hospital, which only accepted the undergraduate degree in Physiotherapy and continued its activities before the Islamic Revolution in an independent place but still outside the University campus. In 2004, at the same time as setting up a master's degree in physiotherapy and undergraduate speech therapy, the faculty moved to a new building located on campus.

Due to the physical expansion of the faculty's space (about 8,000 square meters), software development opportunities such as launching courses and other educational levels were provided. In 2005 Bachelor of Science in occupational therapy, in 2006 Bachelor of Science in Audiology, in 2011 Ph.D. in physiotherapy and in 2013 postgraduate speech therapy were established. Also, with the aim of providing specialized rehabilitation services and introducing the faculty as a comprehensive center for providing rehabilitation services, rehabilitation polyclinics were set up in 2012 and the possibility of expanding the clinic to two comprehensive polyclinics has now been provided.


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