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Advances in genetics, including the Human Genome Project, the diagnosis of pre-implantation and prenatal genetic diseases, gene therapy, cloning, and the use of transgenic animals, have transformed the present era into a new era of medical genetics. Activities related to medical genetics in Ahwaz University of Medical Sciences are the responsibility of the Department of Medical Genetics

The Medical genetics department located in the medical school is one of the old departments of this school, which has been actively teaching and researching in the school for about 30 years. After the separation of medical universities from the Ministry of Higher Education, the Genetics Department was transferred to Shahid Chamran University. With continuous follow-up by doctor Alihossein Saberi, Mehdi Bijanzadeh and Mohammad Javad Mohamadiasl after a period of 10 years, in 2009 the Department of Medical Genetics in the Medical School of Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences started working again. The Department currently has 6 faculty members who provide educational and research activities to undergraduate, MSc and PhD students of different faculties as well as teaching medical, dental and pharmacy students at the at Ahwaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences. Other activities of Medical Genetics Department include providing diagnostic services in genetic laboratories as well as genetic counseling services in hospitals and medical centers of the university. The Department of Medical Genetics, after four MSc student enrollments, is now ready to accept PhD students in 2021.



1.    Graduate training for graduate students both Masters of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees (Ph.D.)
2.    Teaching and training undergraduate, master and doctoral students (Ph.D.) of different faculties as well as teaching medical, dental and pharmacy students at Ahwaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences
3.    Providing diagnostic and genetic counseling services for genetic disorders and families in need of these services in diagnostic laboratories and clinical centers of the university
4.    Research activities in various fields of genetics including cancer genetics, molecular genetics, cytogenetics, immunogenetics, genetic engineering and ....
5.    Study of important and common hereditary and genetic diseases in the country in order to identify, determine the frequency, diagnosis, basic treatment, gene therapy, follow-up and control them using the latest methods
6.    Activities related to medical genetic technology through the establishment of knowledge-based companies for the needs of our country


Head of Department

Professor Alihossein Saberi

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