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School of public Health was established In July 1995 and started with undergraduate courses in Environmental Health, occupational health and public Health. The Statistics and Epidemiology group was added to the school majors in 1995. Health Services Management programs represents for students in bachelor's degree in 2003. Students were admitted in the field of Medical Entomology in 2004. Health Services Management and Medical Entomology were introduced as two independent groups in the faculty in 2007. Master students in the Environmental Health Engineering and occupational health majors were admitted in 2010 and 2011. PH.D and master's degree in Environmental Health Engineering and Health Education were represent in 2012. At present, the number of faculty members is about 47 person and the number of students working in the academic year is about 700 person.

Postgraduate study

Master of :
Environmental Health Engineering, Occupational Health Engineering, Statistic and Epidemiology, Entomology, Health Education and promotion and Health Service management, Health safety and Environment.



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