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Created Date : Wednesday, November 16, 2016   Update Date : Tuesday, December 20, 2016    Visit : 7669

History of AJUMS


The History of Jundishapur and its Role in the Medical History of Iran


At the north-west of Khuzestan in the Sasanid times, there was a large and settled city with beautiful sugarcane farms, fluent runnels (streams) and blooming gardens, which aside from its beauty, was considered as one of the greatest centers for science and culture at the time. This city was named Jundishapur which due to its famous medical college and hospital, had gained a tremendous reputation at that days world and kept calling for scientists and researcher from everywhere




The Jundishapur Founder


The First Shapur, found this city, who was Ardeshir’s son. Jundishapur as historians had written, was one of the septet regions of Khuzestan which Ahvaz had been the capital of the Khuzestan province from the beginning and in the Second Shapur period, Jundishapur would been chosen as capital of the Khuzestan province and also the capital of Sassanian government..



How Jundishapur was Named?


When Shapoor in war with valerian Caesar II , won and achieved the Antioch (one of the cities of present Turkey) , called it (Vah Andio Shapur) Which means (Better than Antioch, the Jundishaur) and the smoother ( City Shapoor is better than Antioch)! and later with Jundishapur or GondiShapoor dialects were spoken!



Inflorescence of Jundishapur


There is no doubt that the best period which Jundishapur has experienced untill now, had been the cultural movement of Iran, at Anushiravan period. As some historians have written, Khosrow Anushiravan had a great interest in science and khnowledge, this interest had been his main motivation for gathering the scientists and medics of that time. On his period, Jundishapur University achieved worthy progress and by his order, medic Barzooye and a group of Iranian medics travelled to India to get access to medical Indian books. Undoubtedly, this travel which had been related to the Junishapur University, would have been the start point of worthy events for this Scientific Station and its students. In some historical books, has been written about establishment of the exam sessions in Khosrow period especially to test medics then to give permission to medics to start working as a doctor. In Tarikh ol Hokamaa description of one of these meetings has been mentioned which can be called the first medical congress in Jundishapur.




Jundishapur Hospital and its Mission


Georgie Zeidan (Arab Christian author) writes in this regard: khosroo anoshiravan built Jundishapur hospital for the treatment of patients and medical education and hired doctors from India and Greece to teach Greek medicine and Indian medicine (Hippocrates) ! So the Iranians were two medical students and Jundishapur hospital finding unique fame in the world of that day! Georgie Zeidan as (hospitals Islam) writes: hospital is a Persian word and refers to place of patients . In the course of Islamic civilization , the Hospital was inclusive medical schools too Where they read medicine course and virtually all patients were examined and identified. Arabs learned hospital building from the Iranians , and Established hospitals like as Jundishapur that was the biggest hospital before Islam ,in the different parts of the Islamic Countries.








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